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—  Jim Karter


Skin Lightening Treatment


The most popular Techniques to carry out Skin Lightening Treatments are
• Chemical Peels
• Mesotherapy
• Micro-dermabrasion


What is it?


There are many ways and many agents that can be effective in Skin Lightening Treatments. The most Popular of these are Chemical Peels, Glutathione Mesotherapy and Microdermabrasion also called as Office Peel.


How is it done?


Most of the Skin Whitening /Skin Lightening Treatments have to be continued for a prolonged period for best and continued results. These are usually office based procedures rarely taking more than an hour for each session. The results usually become visible after 4-6 sessions.


What is the Cost?


The cost varies from person to person according to the individual's requirements & goals.To know your exact cost kindly visit he Cost Calculator page by clicking HERE.

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