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Scar Reduction


The most popular Techniques to carry out Scar Reduction Treatments are
• Chemical Peels


What is it?


Scars can be due to Previous Injuries, Burns, Acne or any other reason. These scars can be either raised, flat, sunken and dark or light. Scars can be faded if not completely ablated by either LASER or Chemical peels with repeated sessions


How is it done?


LASERs can ablate the excess fibrous tissues of the scars and decrease the visibility of these scars. LASER can even help in fading the scars to great extent. Chemical Peels is not a very effective treatment modality for scars and is met with limited success. Both LASER and Chemical peels have to be repeated till you get the desired results.


What is the Cost?


The cost varies from person to person according to the individual's requirements & goals.To know your exact cost kindly visit he Cost Calculator page by clicking HERE.

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