Got my Hair Transplant done at HRA RoboGraft. I'm really happy with the results. I would definitely recommend HRA RoboGraft to everyone.

—  Jim Karter


Lip Augmentation


What is it?


For a more youthful appearance appropriate Fullness of the Lip, Cheek and Chin areas is of utmost importance. As such, Lip, Cheek and Chin Augmentations has become talk of the town in the field of cosmetic procedures.


How is it done?


These Augmentations can be either done surgically by Silicone implants or Non-surgically by Dermal Fillers. The Results depend on the Type of Augmentation selected and also depends on your goals of Augmentation.


What is the Cost?


The cost varies from person to person according to the individual's requirements & goals.To know your exact cost kindly visit he Cost Calculator page by clicking HERE.

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