Got my Hair Transplant done at HRA RoboGraft. I'm really happy with the results. I would definitely recommend HRA RoboGraft to everyone.

—  Jim Karter


Laser Hair Removal


What is it?


Hair has 4 phases in its life cycle, An Active Anagen Phase, Resting Catagen Phase and Falling Telogen Phase. For unwanted Body and Facial Hair, one has to destroy the root of the Hair. The Root can be destroyed by LASER in the Anagen Phase.


How is it done?


The Root can be destroyed by LASER only in the Anagen Phase. As such around 8-12 sessions are needed to destroy all the hair roots in a specific body area. The LASER heats up the root and Stops the hair growth permanently. If the sessions are not completed, it will results in a Temporary Hair Removal rather than a Permanent Hair Removal.


What is the Cost?


The cost varies from person to person according to the individual's requirements & goals.To know your exact cost kindly visit he Cost Calculator page by clicking HERE.

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