Got my Hair Transplant done at HRA RoboGraft about 7 months back. I'm really happy with the results. I would definitely recommend HRA RoboGraft to everyone.

—  Jim Karter

HRA RoboGraft | Nothing But the Best  

HRA RoboGraft  Uses the Most Advanced HARRTS Automation   !


Great Speed means Lesser Procedure Duration , Lesser Morbidity and Loftier Results.


Minimal or No Graft Damage means Better Safety and Better Post Procedure Results.

Least Invasive

No Scalpel Incisions, No Slits or Channel Openings makes it the Least Painful Technique.


With no Need to Pluck the grafts after Scoring and Engage the Grafts Manually, this is the Most Automated Technique.

Most Result Oriented

The Least Invasiveness, Automation and Painlessness also makes it the Most Result Oriented Technique.

Most Surgeon Friendly

Our Surgeons Love the HARRTS Automation and Our Patients Love the Results!

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