Customer Satisfaction Policies

We understand that it is the fundamental right of our patients to get the best quality of service. As such HRA RoboGraft has pre-set quality standards to deliver the best quality of service to our esteemed clients. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our service, you can immediately launch a complaint on our website and let us know the details of your dissatisfaction. We are committed to resolving your complaint and to improving our services if there is scope to do so. We have set quality standards for the below mentioned categories:

Consultation Quality: The Consultant must have explained to you:


  • Reasons for your Hair Loss

  • Causes of Male Pattern Baldness

  • What is FUE

  • How many grafts do you require? This should be calculated in front of you on our Graft Calculator Software. You may also ask for a morphed image with the advised number of grafts.

  • Techniques of Hair Transplant

  • Our technique of Hair Transplant

  • How the results come

  • The warranty on our Hair Transplants

  • The pre-procedure protocols

  • The time required for one session

  • How many sessions shall be required for your transplant?



We maintain a 100% transparency during the entire procedure. As such you shall be told about:

  • The areas where implantation shall take place

  • The density of implantation in each area

  • Only on your approval, shall the operating doctor proceed further for the procedure.

  • You may also calculate the number of grafts if you want to.

OT Quality:
  • We maintain strict asepsis in all our Operating Rooms. We follow all the protocols laid down by the governing bodies.

  • We follow the Sterilization and Waste disposal guidelines as per the protocols of the governing bodies.

  • We only use disposables during your entire procedure.

  • You may demand an explanation of the entire sterilization procedure and also demand that the instruments and disposables be opened in front of you.

  • You may complain directly to the branch manager or launch an online complaint on our website about any dissatisfaction that you may feel.

Result Warranty:

All our Hair Transplants come with Warranty (Except In medical conditions, where the warranty shall be void) Ask your consultant for more details of our warranty policies.


You shall be told about and also handed over a physical copy of the entire precautions list, post-procedure medications and the follow-up regime.

Patient Privileges:

It is your fundamental right to get the services that we promise, if you feel that we have failed or have delivered less than promised, you can always launch an online complaint on our website. We shall do our best to rectify the issues, solve your problems and give you the promised services and results.

Post Procedure Support/Register a complaint:

If after your procedure, you have any support queries or have any complaints, you can express these at your local clinic or on our website. We shall revert to you on all your queries within 48 hours.

Company Obligations:

We shall always be committed to giving you the assured quality of services.

Cancellation Policies:

Once you have booked your Hair Transplant procedure, you may still cancel your booking within 72 hours of your booking date. We shall refund you 75% of your booking amount within 7 working days of your request for cancellation. Ask your consultant for more about our cancellation policies.

Find out more about all our customer satisfaction policies by talking to your local consultant. Your satisfaction is all that matters to us!

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