Got my Hair Transplant done at HRA RoboGraft about 7 months back. I'm really happy with the results. I would definitely recommend HRA RoboGraft to everyone.

—  Jim Karter

BioStem Triple Therapy


What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are those cells which are capable of differentiating into different types of on exposing to appropriate conditions. These are commonly harvested either from the Bone marrow or Abdomen fat of the same person.

What are Bio Stem Cells?

Stem cells can also be extracted from Plants , usually from apple trees, where it is called as BioStem cells. These are almost as effective as Autogenous Stem cells, but have the advantage of non-invasive harvestation, as it is not harvested from the human body.

How does Bio Stem cell Act in Hair Loss?

BioStem cells trigger the growth of inactive but not dead follicles to grow again and also trigger the stem cells in the scalp to promote formation of new hair follicles. As such with proper and repetitive treatments, one can expect decent hair growth. Though not a substitute for hair transplant, it is definitely effective in stopping the hair fall and also as a prevention of balding of the existing hair after the hair transplant.

What is BioStem Triple Therapy?

When BioStem cells are used along with DHT Blocking Topical agents and Low Intensity Diode LASER it is called as BioStem Triple Therapy. The advantage of BioStem Triple Therapy is that along with the positive effects of BioStem Triple Therapy, the low intensity Diode LASER and the DHT Blockers will hasten the results of the treatment and also augment the results substantially.

How much time does it take for BioStem Triple Therapy?

A typical session roughly takes about 30 minutes. The typical schedule of treatment is 2-3 sessions per month for around 6-8 months in succession.

What is the cost for BioStem Triple Therapy?

The cost varies according to the number of sessions required for your hair loss scenario.

Who is a candidate for BioStem Triple Therapy?

All males and females above the age of 22 years suffering from Hair Loss can be a candidate for BioStem Triple Therapy..

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