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—  Jim Karter


Face Lift

What is it?

Face Lifts can be done either by Surgical or non-surgical methods. Non-surgical Face Lifts are suitable for mild to moderate sagging while, Surgical Face Lifts are suitable for Moderate to Severe Sagging.

How is it done?

Non-surgical Face Lifts are done by either
• LASER Lift
• Thread Lift
• Botox
• Dermal Fillers

Whereas Face Lifts are done by

• Minimally Invasive: Endotine Face Lift Surgical
• SMAS Face Lift

A thorough discussion about your goals is necessary to make a decision about the best Face Lift Treatment Modality.

What is the Cost?

The cost varies from person to person according to the individual's requirements & goals.To know your exact cost kindly fill below Inquiry form.